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Oh hey there!

My name is Kaylee Villeneuve and as you may have guessed, I shoot people for a living. I live in gorgeous Brockville, Ontario, Canada. I’m an adventure-loving, cat-cuddling, food-network-bingeing type a’girl. The best things in life are family, friends, food & photography. (Maybe not in that order... Everyone knows "food” is first! Duh!)
During a session you can usually find me doing a mean rendition of “Twist and Shout” (which will most likely come out during our session - don’t be surprised!) You may also find me on the back of the least vertically challenged member of the family, trying to be taller than 5’1” or petting all the dogs - don’t mind me, I absolutely love pets and welcome all furry, feathered & scaled members of the family to be present for our session.  

Let’s do it.

"When I get to witness and experience true emotion with every single one of my clients - I know I made the right job choice.” 

- Kaylee Villeneuve

Life is better
when you’re laughing.

So what’s The next step?

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Family means
no one gets
left behind
or forgotten.

George Bernard Shaw

searching for something?

Spend time with
those who you love.
One of these days
you will say either
‘I wish I had’
‘I am glad I did’.
— Zig Zagler




I welcome all my clients to come and visit the stunning and historic Brockville, Ontario for your sessions.

There are plenty of gorgeous parks & trails around the area that I frequently shoot in! You can also scout out your own location for your session- I love a good hike or a road trip! If you’re coming and staying for a while - ask me about the best places to check out during your stay!

See you in my lens soon!