My name is Kaylee Villeneuve  
I am a natural light photographer from beautiful
Brockville, Ontario, Canada

Let’s Tell your story,
no matter the chapter you’re on.

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Hey there, I’m kaylee

Photography by: Brittany Delorme Photography

"When I get to witness and experience true emotion with every single one of my clients - I know I made the right job choice.”
- Kaylee Villeneuve

The best things in life are family, friends, food & photography.
Maybe not in that order... (Everyone knows "food” is first! Duh!)

During our time together we will simply be our true & organic selves.
You would be surprised how spontaneous moments can capture your heart.
I can't wait to create and capture with you & your family.
I have been documenting for over 13 years now and it is always a growing and evolving passion of mine.
Having a younger brother myself, I am absolutely not afraid to get silly with the youngsters of the family! 
(I do a mean rendition of the 'Itsy Bitsy Spider' if I do say so myself)
I love pets and welcome all furry & feathered members of the family to be present for our session. 
I hope you accept my invitation to be part of my journey as a photographer. 

Please don't be afraid to email me with any questions at all!
Keep smiling! It's contagious.

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