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Oh hey there!

My name is Kaylee Villeneuve and as you may have guessed, I shoot people for a living. I live in gorgeous Brockville, Ontario, Canada.  

Between clicks at a wedding you can usually find me focusing on the little details; fixing the brides hair and trying to get that gorgeous dress to lay just right or making sure everyone is on time! As a theater grad, I am the furthest thing from shy - I am definitely not afraid to get THE shot! Oh! Can’t forget about the boys of course - as an added bonus I’m a master pocket square folder, tie-tyer & shoe shiner - I am well versed at making sure everyone is lookin’ fly.

Let’s do it to it.

"When I get to witness and experience true emotion with every single one of my clients - I know I made the right job choice.” 
- Kaylee Villeneuve

Photos by Brittany Delorme Photography + my lovely boyfriend

Life is better
when you’re laughing.

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“Take my hand,
take my whole
life too.”

Elvis Presley

searching for something?

Spend time with
those who you love.
One of these days
you will say either
‘I wish I had’
‘I am glad I did’.
— Zig Zagler




I welcome all my clients to come and visit the stunning and historic Brockville, Ontario for your sessions.

There are plenty of gorgeous parks & trails around the area that I frequently shoot in! You can also scout out your own location for your session- I love a good hike or a road trip! If you’re coming and staying for a while - ask me about the best places to check out during your stay!

See you in my lens soon!

Maplehurst Manor - Maitland, ON

Maplehurst Manor - Maitland, ON